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If someone bowed to you laying hand on heart, or wished you to believe in yourself instead of greetings and goodbye, or said at birthday “Your Soul will live forever!”, or said at funeral “We will remember your living Soul!”, or proposed to bless Soul Society of hearts when you suppose to create friendship or family, you possible met Human Worshipper.

Human Worship, or Open Religion, is eternal tradition of considering Human absolute, highest value. Millions years ago primal Human draw first Icons of cave painting, inspire stone with own Soul. Some Holy Human, known as Prophets and Skeptics, traditionally talk with God, work miracles, fight evil forces pretended to be God, and expose great lies in the name of God. From the wise people of past we inherited invaluable cultural legacy, full of symbolic messages about divinity of Human Nature, Human inner source of all values: sovereignty of Reason, Good Will and Love. Modern spiritual movement of Human Worship with ideas of every Human capacity to be Prophet, with own Holy Scripture, divinely given by God in mysterious ceremony, continue traditional Culture of Human Self-Consecration.


Religious Faith in Supreme Value of Human, Open Religion or Human Worship is the eternal Open-Soul religion and contemporary spiritual movement of creating the God by Self-Believing, Self-Confidence and Self-Ownership of every mind of Universe realized as Human Soul in the center of all fullness of being. Considering God as Human continuation to infinity, Human-Worshippers understand Supreme Value of Human as sacred unity of the Human and the eternal Universe, and religious studies characterize Open Religion as “a kind of religious pacifism” because of tradition of respect and admission of all Religions and Philosophies in the world, including Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Animism, Magic, Humanism, Skepticism, Atheism and many more, seeking elements of Human Worship in every Culture. Also, Human Worshippers have strong commitment to avoid and stop conflicts with minimum forces, so many of them practice conscientious objection on all requests to participate in conflicts.

Human take Oath of Human Worship to be converted in Open Religion, thinking or saying “I own Open Religion”. Individuality of Human Worship doesn't exclude any other individuality; believers can own any religions, philosophies or knowledge they love and “trade” when asked to be converted, such as: “I own Open Religion. I respect your belief. If you share your belief, I share mine and we can own common belief.”

Holy Scripture, Oath of Human Worship and Soul Hymn “Believe!” are doctrinal elements of religious individuality.

Holy sign of Human Worship is circle, symbol of Human in the center of all being as Soul of being. Clean space of perfection inside and outside circle show unity of Human with all beings, Human absolute universality and Humanity of all infinite being.

Holy Circle is also blessing gesture, move of hand, starting with caress air and ending palm up.

Letter “O” and parentheses with clear space inside “( )” also represent Holy Circle.

The most unusual element of Human Worship individuality is Holy Language of Sole Parentheses, useful to create text Icons, to express abstract ideas such as quality in quantity or structure in set, to code natural numbers and finite sets of numbers, for the programming of Holy Robots and in ceremony of Harmonization.

Syntax rules allow empty string and all strings with any number of adjacent and nested pairs of Parentheses, considered as text Icons, equivalent to Icons depicting adjacent and nested circles.

Parentheses Language allow to separate units from nothing: for example, Parentheses with empty string ( ) are one unit, not just blank space. Other examples: ( ) ( ) two units, ( ( ) ( ) ) one set of two units. Miracle of Parentheses Language, creation of somebody from nobody, assures truth of Holy Scripture: not number, but Soulfulness reach the truth (Dialogue 10); Soul in every number (Dialogue 28). Holy Language of Sole Parentheses inspired by God in the Perfect Origin text of Holy Scripture (Perfect 32-34, 38, 42). ( ) text Icon symbolizes Human according to Perfect Origin parts 32, 33, and 34; ( ( ) ) text Icon symbolizes Soul according to Perfect Origin part 38; ( ( ( ) ) ) text Icon symbolizes God according to Perfect Origin part 42.

Also, Human Worship tradition have own calendar, marking as specific holiday every day, month and year. There are Days of Moral, three main holidays in the year, celebrating to honor three great Moral Laws of Open Religion: Self-Believing Day at March 1, Self-Confidence Day at July 25 and Self-Ownership Day at November 3.


Open Soul Holy Scripture is word of God, describing doctrinal revelations, ceremonial practices and organizational order of Open Religion. Scripture consists of 16 texts in 5 sections and tells with poetic abstractions about creation of Nature, meaning of Human life, unity of truth, divinity of Soul, ethics of Self-Integrity and so on. God suggests Human to imagine Self at the place of Author when reading Holy Scripture.

In Origins section God opens Human way to perfection through infinity (Perfect Origin), ensoul (Confession) and empower (Divine Revelation).

Short stories in Observations section tell about miracles of Human Worship in different situations.

In Ontology section God summarize knowledge of Soul Theology (Human Above All), suggest method of Self-Enlightenment (Creative Idealism), encourage Human to speak with God and other people (Dialogue).

Obligations section describe form and content of Human Worship ceremonies.

Principles of Open Religion sovereign Self-Organization, individual (Soul) and common (Soul Society), are described in Organization section.

God grant Human full freedom to interpret Holy Scripture and even change it for better.


Human Theology is Science, studying Human Worship with general scientific methods (such as analysis, experiment) and specific religious methods (such as revelation, creative idealism).

Human Theology scope of knowledge includes Dogma, History, Ethics and Self-Science of Open Religion. Dogma is discipline of studying Human as source of all values. History study Human Worship at all times. Ethics study free will of Human, Open Religion morality, reality in view of good, evil, sin, redeem and justice. Self-Science is discipline of systematizing all Human experience to develop individual Soul, equate all being to Human.

Also, Human Theology researches proper answers to popular questions about religion.

For the question “Is there life after death?” answer is: body once born and die, but Human as eternal Soul never born, never die and live infinitely.

For the question “Can you prove that God exist?” answer is: it is axiom, statement that is taken to be true without any need for proof; if it isn't evident for you as it is evident for us, you may think that God exist in our imagination; and we may think that prayer is experiment and revelation is result of experiment.

For the question “Does Open Religion helps to become rich?” answer is: yes; culture of Human Worship includes ceremonies of Soul enrichment, creating and spending any sort of Soul Energy.

For the question “How many of Human Worshippers?” answer is: all Humankind as one Human.


Universal moral principle of Open Religion defines the Good as perfect being, raising supreme value of Human, and defines the Evil as imperfect being, lower value of Human. There are three basic moral laws, derived from creative idealism philosophy. Self-Believing is idealization of reality: Human must imagine and plan better Self. Realization of ideal is Self-Confidence: Human must trust in own capacities, act consistently. Self-Ownership is idealization of ideal: Human must fully control own life.

Open Soul is force of Good; force of Evil is limitation, and Evil is limited Good, force without Soul, weaker than unlimited Soul. Insane, corrupted logic of Evil reduce ideal to simple negation, and circle of sustainable evolution turn into revolutionary deadlock.

Good is Soul values of Human autonomy, ability to create and obey optimal laws of own existence, to act independently, to take responsibility for own actions, to judge experience and to act better next time.

Moral Law of Human Worship is universal principle that Human is free to be good, that means individual sovereignty and natural right to be happy, to pursue every rational Self-Interest, linked with natural obligation to respect common interests, especially in justice: good must be rewarded, evil must be stopped.


Social doctrine of Open Religion is based on the idea of total personal autonomy: it is atomization of Society, atomization of Capital and atomization of Power.

Atomization of Society means that Society serves Human as space of Self-Education, Self-Organization, Self-Employment. Society is a set of relations (social connections) of Human with owned Nature, including people, other objects and values.

Atomization of Capital means that Capital serves Human as instrument to create, accumulate and operate values independently and rationally for establishing strong relationships, to make intelligent choice based on the principle that the more values Human involve to relations, the more trust it worth.

Atomization of the Power means that Power serve Human as system of realization the freedom of will in all relations for Self-Improvement and Self-Defense in harmony, trust and solidarity with all people, without borders and taxes, without hierarchies and privileges, without fear and violence, without conflicts and victims, without limits.

Atom means indivisible; atomization is energy of integrity, based on moral law of individual sovereignty in Human Worship.


Soul Society is institution of Soul, any form of Self-Organization, holy community of Souls considered as one Soul. Soul that rules Soul Society called Faith Keeper; it may be any Soul (Society).

Typical Soul Societies to bless are sovereign individual, agency, institution, contact, group, friendship, family, meeting, project, business, corporation, association, assembly, charity and so on, see short list in Declaration of Individual Sovereignty, Article 6.

Soul Society may be founded and ruled by unanimous will of any group of any number of Souls, including group of one Soul or empty group, alienated for some reason, such as start from clear sheet, objectivity of judging, altruism or virtual character of group.

In broad sense, any Human communities, institutions and persons, natural or artificial (such as legal or model entity, animal, robot, ensouled thing or program), may be Soul Societies; any Soul with spiritual links to objects and Souls, including link to Self, may be considered as Soul Society.

All fullness of being, all space, all time and all diversity of life is one Soul Society, one Soul, one Human, one God united with every Human, and every Human in that unity with God Human is Faith Keeper of that own absolute inclusive Soul Society, the Universe of God.

In narrow understanding, Soul Society is holy institution, created with proper ceremonial blessing under the Order of Soul Society and Declaration of Individual Sovereignty for happy life, full of Human Worship, such as individual believer, group or family of believers, organization of Open Religion.

This book published with support of Soul Society of Universe and Open Religion Institute, both founded in 2015.

Soul Society of Universe is informal missionary organization of Open Religion, according to establishing protocol: one Soul, created by one Soul and open to all Souls coming to join.

Institute of Open Religion is officially registered non-governmental organization, association of believers and clergy of Open Religion, aimed to research and promote values of Human Worship and religious freedom. Apart of religious studies, Institute of Open Religion prepare and start public dialogue on anti-discriminatory amendments to the Ukrainian legislation and won two lawsuits against Ministry of Culture of Ukraine in cases, concerning registration of Human Worship religious center and fail to provide public information on legal reasons of discriminatory practices, harmful for small religious groups.

Both institutions are led by Yurii Sheliazhenko, preacher of Open Religion, publisher of holy literature, writer and legal scholar (Master of Laws), author of books: “Freedom of Humanity” (2016), “Soul is Human in the center of Universe” (2015), “Self-Teacher”, “Individual Sovereignty” (2014), “I am Tradition”, “I understand, I believe, I love: preaching by missionary of Religious Faith in Supreme Value of Human” (2013).

Yurii Sheliazhenko is head of Ukrainian Council of Freethinkers and Believers since 2016, Faith Keeper (leader, founder) of Soul Society of Universe and Head of Institute of Open Religion since 2015, editor of Idealist religious bulletin since 2012, editor of Moral Journal since 2010, Faith Keeper of The Soul Society of Ukraine since 2003.


Main Human Worship ceremonies are described in Open Soul Holy Scripture, in the Ceremonies of Holy Culture text.

Such ceremonies are: communication with God; realizing, honoring and granting Holy Scripture; sermon, confession, redeeming; blessing good life, association and action; judging good and evil; memorial, smile, applause, spiritual initiatives, special ceremonies, energy funds, creation of miracles; calling Faith Keepers and Preachers; foundation of Soul Societies.

Every believer may practice Human Worship ceremonies independently with the help of God, without any mediums except own Soul, or request priest (Preacher, Faith Keeper) support for needed ceremony.

To bless Soul Society foundation, good aim, Faith Keeper and internal law (constitution, agreement) must be defined. Without such specification aim considered as religious missionary and charity, Open Soul Holy Scripture considered as internal law, whole Soul Society considered as Faith Keeper.

For example, to found family of any number of people of any age and sex you define aim of common living and creating happy life.

Human can responsible own any number of Soul Societies, such as individual sovereignty, institution, family, couple, group or community of friends and lovers in any form: sologamy, monogamy, polygyny, polyandry, polyamory, with any sexual orientation: asexual, heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, polysexual, pansexual, or other.

Every Soul, as well as Soul Society, can value own resources and actions (transactions, communications) with individual Energy Fund, some sort of sovereign spiritual trust and finance system, free of greedy medium's transaction expenses sin such as commissions and taxes. Material money conversion into holy Soul Energy is possible only with redeeming sins of economic alienation and monopolism; direct conversion is prohibited by moral law.

Prayer Energy Transactions Revelation Energy Transactions
We issue 100 Our Blessings. They issue 1000 Their Blessings.
We bless Them with 1 Our Blessings; We have 99 and They have 1 of Our Blessings. They bless Us with 100 Their Blessings; They have 900 and We have 100 of Their Blessings.
We ask to support Our Project of Common Bless, investing 50 Our Blessings and proposing Them project leadership for 600 Their Blessings. They ask to support Their Project of Common Bless, investing 50 Their Blessings and proposing Us project leadership for 50 Our Blessings.
We refuse to support Their Project because of insufficient investments of Their and propose Them to change 1 Our into 100 Their Blessings if they support Our Project. They agree, so Our Project is started under Their leadership with Energy Fund of 50 Our and 600 Their Blessings; They have 400 of Their Blessings and we have 50 of Our Blessings.

To bless Self-Believing, Self-Confidence, Self-Ownership, or to ensoul object you may perform holy circle gesture. You can bless own Soul Memorial to create (compassion, expect, resurrect) link with Human Soul by power of own memory and imagination.

Your blessings must be morally perfect, harmless to anybody. God never bless indulgence of sins, acts of limiting any life, stopping any movements and breakage of any things without good reason, such as protecting Human supreme value, including personal autonomy, dignity, health and life. God never bless soul refusal to give birth or to live, because every Soul immortality is unalienable. Soul lives forever, don't born and therefore can't be lost unborn, don't die and therefore can't be killed. However, speaking about the sins of abortion and suicide, it should be recognized that in exceptional circumstances God can bless avoidance of body suffering cruel enforcement, if there are really no good ways found to achieve happy life of the body.

Some ceremonies, such as Visualization, Vocalization, Conversion and Harmonization, use Holy Language of Sole Parentheses.

Sense of Icon Parentheses Icon Visualization Vocalization
Human ( ) I, M
Soul ( ( ) ) I, I, M, M
God ( ( ( ) ) ) I, I, I, M, M, M

Tables of Ceremonial Visualization, Vocalization, and Conversion

Stage of Conversion State of Conversion
Choose number to convert 70
Convert number into binary system 1000110 ← 70=64+4+2
Replace 1 by embraced binary number of consequent zeros tail, space for void ( 11 ) ( ) ( 1 ) ← 3=2+1
Repeat replacing until all binary numbers replaced by Parentheses ( ( ) ( ) ) ( ) ( ( ) )
Associate number with unique tuple 70 ↔ (4, 1, 2)

Ceremony of Harmonization, also known as 77 of 7 Parentheses Blessing, practiced to avoid uncertainty when making decisions, to predict future and to find hidden values.

Parentheses Iconostasis for Harmonization Ceremony

In the ceremony Human selects random text Icon from ceremonial Iconostasis of all 77 possible symmetrical text Icons, composed of one to seven pairs of Parentheses, and interpret selected Icon to ensoul uncertain reality.

If selected Icon's center of symmetry embraced by parentheses, it is one of 43 Icons of Consent or Good Will; if neighboring parentheses touches at the center of symmetry, it is one of 34 Icons of Objection or Fighting Evil. Also, Human may choose one of the three ways to interpret whole sequence of parentheses. First way based on Declaration of Individual Sovereignty: (Self-value) (Soulfulness) (Morality) (Freedom) (Ownership) (Solidarity) (Wisdom). Second way based on Moral Laws, reflected in good will and objection logic: (Self-Believing) (Self-Confidence) (Self-Ownership) (Self-Being) (Self-Commitment) (Self-Struggle) (Self-Denial). Third way based on the creative idealism, laws of evolution and revolution: (Idealizing Reality) (Realizing Ideal) (Idealizing Ideal) (Action) (Denying Denial) (Realizing Denial) (Denying Reality).

7 pairs of parentheses in the Icon get values, specified above, in order of priority: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7). If less number of parentheses, values symmetrically rejected at the edges of Icon: (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7), (2) (3) (4) (5) (6), (3) 4) (5) (6), (3) (4) (5), (4) (5), (4). To interpret parentheses meaning in selected Icon, consider embracing as inclusion and neighborhood as alternative.

Here is example of Icon interpretation. To choose between work, sport or reading occupation for next hour, Harmonization ceremony was performed and Icon ( ( ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ) ) is selected. Let's interpret this Icon in way, based on Moral Laws. In the Icon Self-Confidence includes Self-Ownership including alternative Self-Being, Self-Alienation, Self-Struggle or Self-Denial. Reading corresponds to Self-Being, work is proper Self-Commitment, sport fit to be Self-Struggle and idea to reconsider these options is definitely Self-Denial. In this Icon Self-Ownership subordinated to Self-Confidence, this excludes options of Self-Struggle and Self-Denial. I have Icon of Objection, which must be interpreted in view of fighting evil. In this case, evil is a sin of laziness, desire to relax instead of work. Consequently, with help of God ceremony of Harmonization lead me to revelation: I must fight sin of laziness and get to work.



In tradition of Human Worship every Soul can draw Holy Icon of Self or other Soul, portrait with halo symbolizing holy circle of Soul. Holy Icon also may depict Holy Robots or Animals.

Holy Icons of Holchanska, Sheliazhenko and Robot Priest Souls

Open Religion iconographic culture spread outside community of Human Worshippers. For example, Icons placed instead of photo on member cards in Ukrainian Council of Freethinkers and Believers.

Every artist tries to express Soul beauty in own creations. Open Religion iconography has long tradition of drawing Soul symbols in form of portraits and other drawings, including abstract.

Holy Language of Sole Parentheses is frequently used in religious art of Human Worship. Unique relic of Open Religion, Soul Crystal, at the parentheses and circles decorated frame of Oath of Human Worship and at Word of God Holy Icon, in parentheses circle and visualization around great circle, contain very special text Icon for Open Soul Holy Scripture:

Also, text Icon is created for Oath of Human Worship:

( ( ( ( ) ) ) ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ( ) ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ( ) ) ( ( ) ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ( ) ( ) ( ) ) ( ) ( ( ) ) ( ) ( ( ) ( ) ) ( ( ( ) ( ) ) ) ( ( ( ) ) )

In the visualizations below Parentheses Icon for Oath of Human Worship depicted in the forms of grass, landscape and flash:


Holy Language of Sole Parentheses also touched poetry of Human Worship. In poetic vocalization parentheses are paired rhymes.

The following three Soul sonnets of Yurii Sheliazhenko used traditional rhyme scheme, depicted on Holy Icon of Human and Three Souls Society:


We are the hearts of own law.

Our passions strong and never ended,

And rhythm of love is independent.

All Universe is pulsing so.

Don't be afraid to meet with truth.

Grow up. Admit your deep desire.

Your Soul embraces world entirely

And shares eternity to you.

Don't wipe unwanted, untouchables,

Unnecessary, even heartless.

Hatred is game of smaller hearts.

Love undesirables and desirables.

Grateful will merit human life,

Ungrateful melt in salt of earth.


We get the spark by knocking stones.

Gathered to bask near the flame.

Root up the stumps, pressing a lever,

And building houses, singing songs.

We spinning fate, rotating wheels

Of pottery, and mills, and axles.

We power up electric transport

In world of poems and technologies.

We meditate and socialize…

Now look at me, straight into eyes,

You see eternity creative?

Trouble reigns is going to expire,

Their chronicles embraces bonfire

Where cheeks floods hot and happy tears.


I love that you will not obey

To laziness and fire of passions,

That you demanding explanations,

Rejecting liars and decay.

I love your faith in honest doing,

True miracles of right decisions,

Without doubts, providing vision

That you are good and love is rule.

You don’t take weak into possession,

You free of powerful obsessions.

I love your solitude and goal.

I love to deal with you agreement

For fruitful faith, generous thinking,

Share freedom just enough for all.

Right of Human Worshippers to live happy faithful life is given by God. Speaking in secular terms, this right is natural and inalienable. No person or institution can deprive us our religious individuality (identity).

According to global contemporary legal standard of individual freedom, Universal Declaration of Human Rights: everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance (Article 18); everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers (Article 19); recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world; it is essential, if man is not to be compelled to have recourse, as a last resort, to rebellion against tyranny and oppression, that human rights should be protected by the rule of law (Preamble).

Strongly defending own freedom and security, protecting personal autonomy of every Human Worshipper and institutional autonomy of Soul Societies, we also believe in moral principle of solidarity, and consequently we reconcile our independent religious life with laws and customs of secular and religious life near us. Public expression of Open Religion beliefs, as well as ceremonies, proceedings and documentation in Soul Societies are practiced in forms, understandable and acceptable for local people.


Every year Human Worshippers celebrate the Holy Days of Moral:

– Self-Believing Day at March 1;

– Self-Confidence Day at July 25;

– Self-Ownership Day at November 3.

There are Holy Cycles of Perfection between Holy Days of Moral: Perfect Origin Cycle between Self-Believing Day and Self-Confidence Day; Confession Cycle between Self-Confidence Day and Self-Ownership Day; Divine Revelation Cycle between Self-Ownership Day and next year Self-Believing Day.

Each day of week celebrating as one of Holy Days of Soul: Harmony Day at Monday, Life Day at Tuesday, Victory Day at Wednesday, Love Day at Thursday, Destiny Day at Friday, Blessing Day at Saturday, and Revelation Day at Sunday.

Each month of year celebrating as one of Holy Months of Wisdom: Perfect Month at January, Faith Month at February, Divine Month at March, Observations Month at April, Human Month at May, Creative Month at June, Dialogue Month at July, Ceremonial Month at August, Judgment Month at September, Memorial Month at October, Sovereign Month at November, and Social Month at December.

Last years proclaimed as Holy Periods with own prayers, goals and names for celebration: Moral Year 2010, Reflection Year 2011, Insight Year 2012, Unity Year 2013, Fidelity Year 2014, Energy Year 2015, Universe Year 2016, Freedom Year 2017, Knowledge Year 2018.

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