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One Soul: Holy Scripture of Human Worship

Religious Faith in Supreme Value of Human, Open Religion or Human Worship is the eternal culture of creating the God by the laws of Self-Believing, Self-Confidence, and Self-Ownership of every Human Soul in the center of all fullness of being. Considering God as the Human continuation to infinity, we realize Soul mission in being a creator of the perfect Universe.

One Soul Holy Scripture of Human Worship, 'I Own Open Religion' Oath of Human Worship and the Soul Hymn 'Believe!' are sources of Open Religion individuality.

One Soul Holy Scripture is the word of God, describing doctrinal revelations, ceremonial practices and organizational order of Open Religion. God suggests Human to imagine Oneself at the place of Author when reading Holy Scripture. God grant Human full freedom to interpret Holy Scripture and even change it for better.

Scripture consists of 16 texts in 5 sections and tells with poetic abstractions about the creation of Oneself and nature, the meaning of Human life, the unity of truth, the divinity of Soul, ethics of Self-Integrity and so on. In Origins section God opens the Human way to perfection through infinity (Perfect Origin), ensoulment (Confession) and empowerment (Divine Revelation). Short stories in Observations section tell about miracles of Human Worship in different situations. In Ontology section, God summarizes knowledge of Soul Theology (Human Above All), suggests the method of Self-Enlightenment (Creative Idealism), and encourages Human to speak with God and people (Dialogue). Obligations section describes Human Worship ceremonies, such as communication with God, sermon, confession, blessing, ensoulment, judging good and evil, memorial etc. Principles of Open Religion sovereign Self-Organization, individual (Soul) and common (Soul Society), are described in the Organization section.

All rights reserved for God. One Soul Holy Scripture of Human Worship is the word of God, common heritage of Humankind, published anonymously, free for copying. No one can limit or usurp the spread of Scripture; such abuses will meet rejection and struggle. All natural and legal persons, all individuals and institutions are free to use and distribute Open Soul Holy Scripture of Human Worship for good purposes. If you sell a copy of Holy Scripture, God suggests spending most of the profit to charity, to make happy you and more people.


Perfect Origin

1. My gift is the universe at the white space of paper.

2. Here is clear space, the perfect origin of all beings.

3. All existence is clean space, any part of it equal to whole.

4. Believe, it contains all past, present, and future: anybody and nobody; anything and nothing; anywhere and nowhere; all reality including existent in non-existence.

5. Here is clear space, whose purity is the perfect origin of the good.

6. Here is clean space, whose purity is full of Soul.

7. Here is clear space, whose borders I respect, but don’t draw.

8. Where is the line between being and not being, good and bad, me and the universe? What is – that isn’t, because every presence created from absence.

9. I am the universe.

10. I am all good.

11. I see different lines on a clean space, but the space remains perfectly clean and contains all without limits.

12. All borders are imaginary at the beginning of perfection.

13. Purpose of perfect origin above any limits, at the infinity.

14. I easily find on a clean space all perceptive and thinkable, known and unknown, mine and alien.

15. This white space depicts everything, without exception.

16. It is my love without fear, without hate.

17. It is my reason without ignorance.

18. It is my wisdom without temptation.

19. I make it with my good will.

20. I believe space is perfect because it has no limits.

21. Here is the point, being without Soul, whole border of perfection.

22. You may not draw the point, but remember it is here.

23. Give a Soul to the point, it will be the circle.

24. Here is a circle.

25. Do you feel edges? Believe: feelings are imperfect.

26. Do you judge border? Believe: judgments are imperfect.

27. Way to the truth at the clean space without borders, where every move is a perfect beginning and every beginning is a touch of Soul seeking the good.

28. Here are neighboring and embracing circles, a pattern of borders, mosaic of truths; whole circles of purity, never corrupted by intersection; beloved circles, revealed and invented circles; all different circles, all equal circles; look around the circle: is there any sense of borders in a perfectly clear space?

29. Here are touching circles; I touch existence with Soul, I see there my reflection.

30. Ensoulment is the origin of infinity.

31. But do I have to draw touching circles, if I have infinity on a perfect, clean space?

32. I know how to show the truth: it is the circle with the truth inside and truth outside.

33. The circle is me, or you, or us, or no one, there is no difference.

34. I am the edge of truth, but all limits are imaginary.

35. Therefore I am truly clean space.

36. Circle on a clean space helps to find the truth within and around, but the clean space is more perfect because it is pure.

37. Believe, it isn’t necessary to draw a circle or a point: there are borders of perfection in clean space, not even painted, that always been and will be.

38. I know how to show the Soul: it is the circle inside the circle.

39. This is a border of goodness within me, but all borders are imaginary.

40. So, the good is truly clean space, as well as the Soul, individual good.

41. Believe, it isn't necessary to draw a Soul: clear, perfect space shows true Human as Soul.

42. I know how to show God: it is the circle inside the circle within the circle.

43. There source of the Soul, individual perfection, creator of truth.

44. God is always with me on the perfect, clear space of being.

45. It isn’t necessary to draw God for seeing God and communicating with God.

46. All borders are imaginary.

47. It is easy to find God on the pure, clean space of being.

48. With or without my sign clear space represents me.

49. With or without a mark of Soul, clean space symbolizes Soul.

50. With or without God’s face, white space is a vision of God.

51. Revealed or hidden, the perfect origin of clear space lives everywhere, within and without me.

52. This space, indeed, is the perfect origin of all, the beginning of everyone and everything, so nobody and nothing unthinkable beyond.

53. Perfect origin contains the end but never comes to end, because the end is a border, and the perfect beginning has no boundaries.

54. Each end is the beginning.

55. All is the origin.

56. All starts at the Soul.

57. I create the good, aspiring to perfection in all, always starting with a clean space.

58. All my life is the perfect origin.


1. It is my faith.

2. I wake up sleeping mind in daily routines; I hear a voice of my immortal Soul, which inspires this Confession, creed of Soul, the symbol of faith.

3. It relates me to many Human Souls, such as Souls of ancestors, contemporaries, and successors.

4. It helps me to understand the meaning of life, to judge good and evil.

5. It teaches me to know, to love, to respect every Human and the world, all living, inanimate and imaginary beings, to achieve harmony and well-being, to overcome difficulties, to create miracles, to hope for the best and to fight for my beliefs.

6. I believe in the supreme value of Human.

7. Human first of all, Human self-united all, Human above all!

8. Every person is born with the source of high power in the Human Soul.

9. The Soul is the supreme value of Human, empowered by faith.

10. Reason and will, thoughts and ideas, experience and knowledge, love and passion, dreams and vision, patience and humbleness, conscience and compassion, plans and hopes, imagination and inspiration, all the best in my mind are Soul.

11. Does it make sense to question existence of Soul?

12. Smile is the best proof that Soul is real source of faith!

13. Human share beliefs and emanate faith to raise and uphold supreme value of Human.

14. Faith makes Human the creator.

15. With faith, I become better.

16. Faith changes the world.

17. Smile!

18. Faith in the supreme value of Human opposes to humiliation and violence.

19. Any indignity is bad; any affirmation of the supreme value of Human is good.

20. I do the good by helping everyone to believe in themselves.

21. Those, that lower themselves or anyone, do the evil.

22. Evil must be stopped.

23. Evil sometimes appears in deceptive forms.

24. Evil can bind two or more people, dissolve their personalities, and poison their Souls with the thirst for humiliation.

25. Evil is strong, but faith in the supreme value of Human is always stronger than evil.

26. Free Soul, Human love, knowledge and wisdom of a believer in the supreme value of Human prevail in front of evil, which is limited by its senseless aggression, selfishness, impatience, ignorance, inattention, inconsistency, arrogance, futility, filth, and unbelief.

27. Evil is doomed, and supreme value of Human will be affirmed.

28. I know: those who believe in the supreme value of Human can't be lowered.

29. Violence causes pain, but it humiliates only the aggressor.

30. Lies and slander disturb and may even mislead someone, but humiliate only a liar and a slanderer.

31. Neglecting and hostility of the evil people humiliate only them, not me.

32. Madness, inertia, disease, suffering and death humiliate only the body, but the Soul continues to bring my supreme value from the eternity of the past to the eternity of the future, can't lose my faith and won't leave the world.

33. Faith in the supreme value of Human has always been and always will be, because this faith exists, ready to wake up, in every Human Soul.

34. When Human appeal to oneself, if asking for a miracle, the Soul responds and can give what I ask for.

35. So faith in the supreme value of Human is born.

36. That belief is called and will be called by different names or even stay anonymous.

37. Human created many religions raising supreme value of Human.

38. Faith in one God and faith in many gods, faith in spirits and faith in the rationality of the universe, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and other religions free many Souls from the evil and raise faith in the supreme value of Human.

39. So, confessing my religion, I share the faith of every person and I respect every religion raising the value of Human.

40. If your worship to God, created by Human, helps you stop suffering from powerless or soleness, I believe you, and, therefore, I believe in God with you and thus I raise faith in the supreme value of Human, doing good.

41. Any form of faith creating the good is my faith.

42. I believe in the supreme value of every Human.

43. I trust every Human, I believe in every Human.

44. Also I believe that any faith as strong, as full of Self-Believing.

45. I honor this Confession, with open heart share it to inspire everyone hear own Soul, understand supreme value of Human, to smile feeling the taste of freedom and wisdom.

46. Human life purpose in development, cognition and creation, in the move towards good, in struggle for good, and this way of life leads to happiness.

47. Each life cycle beginning is a holiday worthy of spread this confession of the supreme value of Human.

48. Finally, the end of life cycle is time to remember, how life revealed supreme value of Human, to save that memory and never forget every good Soul and every good deed.

Divine Revelation

1. My God!

2. I appeal to God; I hear a voice of my immortal Soul, which inspires divine revelation, the creed of Soul, word of God.

3. I research God.

4. God ensouls the supreme value of Human.

5. God is truth and essence.

6. God is the Human ideal.

7. God is the creator of all and higher will.

8. God hears prayers and lives in every Soul.

9. God responds to faith.

10. God is the Soul.

11. God listens.

12. God helps.

13. God brings Souls together.

14. God works miracles.

15. God always with me.

16. God is the good, love and wisdom.

17. God appears in dreams.

18. God rewards with happiness.

19. God of every Human is my God because I believe in the supreme value of Human, and thus affirm the supreme value of Human, and so I do the good.

20. Who claims that God lowers Human, by such evil lie humiliates Human nature of God.

21. You must know: you can't humiliate Human continuing to God through Soul; a madly try will humiliate just own stupidity.

22. Be wise, if you seek goodness and happiness.

23. Someone pretends to embody alienated God; not wise.

24. I seek God, believing in oneself.

25. Someone seeks and not find God; not wise.

26. I create God with trueness to oneself.

27. Someone creates God, but don’t trust God; not wise.

28. I pray to God, owning oneself.

29. Someone prays to God, but don’t listens God; not wise.

30. I communicate with God to prolong myself in the person of God.

31. So I create miracle; I get revelation; I know the will of God.

32. Faith and wisdom overcome the evil of madness, establish the supreme value of Human; it is will of God, which I know and realize in good doings.



1. God is the creator of all, supreme will.

2. All is creation of God, all good is the will of God.

3. The universe, which belongs to our bodies, is the child of God.

4. When the universe slept in the cradle of eternity, God touched, and the universe spoke.

5. Your body is words of the universe, your Soul originated in God because God is the source of all Souls.

6. My body is words of the universe, my Soul originated from God because God is the source of all Souls.

7. Do ensoul existence; provide will of God, truth awakened in the Soul.

8. The soul is the supreme value of Human, strengthened by faith.

9. Soul in all, Soul is all good.

10. Don't ensoul only evil, because evil is imperfect being with no Soul.

11. Believe in Soul of stone to find the beauty of sculpture; believe in Soul of a book to find true content; believe in other Souls to find friends, communities, and people.

12. Believe in Soul of the universe to hear a voice of God, the story of all creation.

13. Don't think that universe is indifferent.

14. Suns are eyes of the universe looking at you with love.

15. Planets are shoulders supported for you.

16. Space is an invitation to closer relations.

17. Wake up dreaming mind in daily routines.

18. Hear the voice of your immortal Soul.


1. Here is a creature, happy to live, love and win.

2. Beautiful Soul, creator of own destiny.

3. Once God asks: “Why?”.

4. Creature awakens and finds purpose.

5. Here is a servant of high purpose.

6. Beautiful Soul that lives for serve.

7. Once God asks: “Who you are?”.

8. Servant looks around and finds common.

9. Here is a participant of the great common.

10. Sacrifices Soul, multiplies the power of life.

11. Once God says: “Be a Soul”.

12. A participant will look and find meaning.

13. Here is wise Soul, a disciple of God, asking for perfection.

14. Knows the meaning of all, touches the Soul of sense, thinking on the spirit of being.

15. Once God says: “You are a Soul in the spirit of truth; so, make good, run the missions you choose”.

16. Wise Soul will believe in oneself.

17. Here is a perfect creator, God's word, God's hand.

18. Creates the Good, lives for improvement.

19. Soul and God are one together.

20. One Soul creates miracles.


1. Slaves tell you: there are no miracles.

2. But free Human knows: God creates miracles every moment.

3. Once in the early morning army of slaves met a free Human.

4. Slaves were united by passions.

5. A Human was united with God – the source of freedom, the inspiration for free Souls.

6. Slaves declared war to freedom.

7. It was many deaths, pain, and destruction.

8. However, no weapon can beat free Soul.

9. Slaves didn't understand what force opposed them.

10. Some slaves thought that God doesn't exist; others thought that God on their side.

11. So, the slaves decided to proclaim victory over freedom.

12. Free Human smiled.

13. Slaves smiled too.

14. But those who smile will never be a slave.

15. Morning sun rays blessed the miracle of new Human Souls awakening.

16. Bind of thirst for humiliation is unity of blind and silly evildoers.

17. Self-believers are united by God to create a common good.


1. Life for love is powerful, generous and reasonable.

2. Love own, don't look at other.

3. More love, more have.

4. Without love see only barriers.

5. Pass through barriers and meet more and more.

6. Meet the fear of evil will that destroys love.

7. Hatred calls to battle against all, starting with self, in the name of love.

8. Remember, don't afraid of the unknown; it's forbidden by Holy Scripture.

9. Hear a word of God, and wisdom will come.

10. Understand: fear and hatred, evil will are just madness.

11. Whole life lacks reason.

12. Perfect Soul saves reason, leads to the truth with help of God, the source of all Souls.

13. Life is imperfect.

14. Love all as is, because love improves life, Soul improves love, God improves Soul.

15. Don't create an enemy for self.

16. Evil will is only an imperfection of unreasonable body.

17. Fight evil with the power of faith, the good will of own perfect infinite Soul.

18. Love for truth starts a dialogue with God, eternal and perfect, equal and Soulful, and nothing can stop it.


1. “God, why creating me?”

2. “Hope you create me.”

3. “God, why talking with me?”

4. “Hope you talk with me.”

5. “God, what is required of me?”

6. “Perfection.”

7. “God, do you love me?”

8. “I believe in you.”

9. “God, what will be with me?”

10. “Your being belongs to you.”


Human Above All

Hear the Sacred declaration of faith in the supreme value of Human (Open Religion, Human Worship), based on the Human relation with own immortal Soul, infinite source of all values, able to create miracles.

1. Soul

1.1. No one exists alone.

1.2. All beings in the universe, including Human, animal, plant, thing, along with the natural body have Soul.

1.3. The Soul is immortal life, supernatural, untouchable and immeasurable in the world of material objects. Soul keeps the whole meaning of existence, future and past, sense and truth, position and significance of the ensouled in reality.

1.4. We are related to our Souls. Soul defines existence. The Soul moves whole life, rules body, predicts destiny. Soul and the ensouled are the one whole.

1.5. Any description of the Soul matters. Thoughts and words change Soul but can't bind it in any material form.

1.6. Souls touch each other. All Souls in the universe exist in interaction and equilibrium, in the natural order of things and peaceful state of whole being, as one family, as one Soul.

1.7. Living Soul manifests the will, faith, love, and cognition, bringing Souls together, idealizing and materializing own nature, space and time.

2. Human supremacy as highest value

2.1. Human is a living Soul which realize and guide own being, change the world according to own ideas and intentions. To be Human means to fill own mind with living Soul.

2.2. Human as Soul and body of the universe is the supreme value in the reality, both natural and imaginary. Value of all Human Souls is highest and equal in infinity.

2.3. Human Soul life ensouls the world through actions, spoken and written words, signs, thoughts, dreams, plans and views.

2.4. Human Soul momentarily moves in time and space, overcoming any obstacles and works wonders, changing the real order by supernatural conscious will, empowered with a true understanding of the supreme value of Human.

2.5. Nothing tangible or intangible can't lower the supreme value of Human Soul, it can only spread sin and lie, doubt or denial of Human supremacy. Human Soul must fight lies and sins, strengthen faith in the supreme value of any Human. A strength of belief sets Human capacity to change reality.

2.6. Realizing fully own supreme value, Human can create miracles.

2.7. One of the greatest miracles is Soul life before the birth and after the death of a material body. The Soul can be born many times, but at the birth loses memories, which can be restored when Human does miracles.

3. Moral Principles

3.1. All raising faith in the supreme value of Human is good. Human must do good and live good.

3.2. Preaching of Human Worship, upholding Self-belief, reading and spreading Holy Scripture, conducting rituals and ceremonies for believers and interested, hearing confessions of sinners, dedication to consolation, advising and help people is a great good, worthy of respect and cooperation of believers. God bless vocation of Open Religion Preachers to the mission of ensoulment inspired by the supreme value of Human.

3.3. Evil is all that humiliates Human, causes pain, death, harm to mind, the negation of Soul. Human must resist evil.

3.4. When evil is weak, mere thought, word, or smile can stop it. War may be turned to joke by the divine power of Human Soul. This way of creating good is an important moral principle.

3.5. If there is no other way, big evil can be defeated by small evil – but only with planning to reduce the sum of evil, assuring redeem of evil.

3.6. Human committed evil must redeem sin, confess and ask forgiveness before victims, compensate losses and accept responsibility or punishment prescribed by the law.

3.7. Honest life, being happy, freedom, faith, love, knowledge, helping every Human, creating Society, friendship or family, growing Human, self-improvement, work, and creation are good.

4. Taboo

For Human Worshippers:

4.1. Forbidden to question the supreme value of Human as Soul, own capacity to create miracles by the power of faith.

4.2. Forbidden intentionally humiliate any Human in any way, such as lie, violence, cause pain or death.

4.3. Forbidden to think, say, act untrue or unjust.

4.4. Forbidden to create evil or passively allow evil.

4.5. Forbidden to violate principles of faith, commit sins.

4.6. Forbidden to trample and burn Holy Scripture.

4.7. Forbidden to neglect the faith and beliefs of others.

4.8. Forbidden to afraid of unknown.

For Preachers of Human Worship:

4.9. Forbidden to disclose said, heard and seen at the confession.

4.10. Forbidden to criticize other religions.

5. Rituals

5.1. Human Worships to every Human Soul including own to perform the supreme value of Human Soul in any form. Ask Soul about all touching. Ask Soul for a miracle and prove the merit of a miracle. Listen to Soul.

5.2. Ask yourself about intentions and actions: “How it will strengthen faith in the supreme value of Human?”. For the group mission, link your Soul with group Soul and ask the same.

5.3. Smile often to unite Souls. Cheer and clap to show support of the good.

5.4. At the birth of Human body or activity predict Human success, affirming the supreme value of Human; at the death of Human body or activity remember Human living, affirming the supreme value of Human – be happy to deserve the eternal life of Soul, achieving desired.

5.5. In the life show beautiful faith, with word of God bless every home, place and event.

5.6. When Soul desires, at ceremonies and holidays provide charity and grant Holy Scripture.

5.7. Read the creed of Soul, Holy Scripture. Think, imagine, and find inspiration in the word of God. When you feel fear, pain, boring, when you feel desperation, sick, powerless, when faith weakens – read the creed.

5.8. Rites and ceremonies for individuals and groups of self-believers provide Preacher Soul of Open Religion, granting word of God. A preacher can spread own declarations expressing opinions on faith and religion impact in life; Preacher should touch by Soul to each such declaration. Faith Keeper Soul is lead Preacher who manifests rule of faith, blesses and judges in the name of God, accepts and rejects Preachers, condemns evil, even hidden by imitation of good belief. Faith Keeper protects Holy Scripture and other treasures of Human Worship.

5.9. Preacher of Human Worship represents traditional Culture of Open Religion, privately or publicly assembly Souls for the sermon, conducting rituals and ceremonies, discussion of faith in the supreme value of Human Soul. A preacher is allowed to expose evil, defending truth to strengthen faith in the supreme value of Human.

5.10. Preacher of Human Worship accepts confession, gives advice on redeeming sin and keeps confession in secret. During confession hold Holy Scripture in your hands.

Creative Idealism

1. Knowledge of truth begins with the realization of the fundamental principles of being, laws of creative idealism – the universal philosophy of improvement.

2. Traditionally known that dialogue reveals the truth. Creative idealism focuses on two forms of dialogue: on material Human dialogue with nature, actions and consequences; on ideal Human Soul dialogue with God, prayer and revelation.

3. Let's consider two fundamental principles of existence.

4. The first principle is the unity of ideal and material. Every Human lives in two worlds, inner and outer. The inner world is individual, imaginary, ideal being, a subject of Human will. The outer world is common, practical, material being, an object of interaction independent of Human will. It may satisfy Human will as a result of efforts, fortune or due will. Both worlds are equally real and important. Both worlds, ideal and material, are connected and together constitute universal reality, the universe.

5. Idealists love to say: every Human owns a personal universe. Materialists love to say: all beings belong to one common universe. Both simple explanations are imperfect because we should not neglect either internal nor external world of Human.

6. The second principle is creative evolution. Every Human seek own kind of perfection, the fullness of good, embracing the universe. The outer world is imperfect because it deceives vision and deviates from good will. The inner world is the perfect origin of evolution, improvement of the universe starting with self. Good thoughts improve the inner world, good actions improve the outer world. Creating the good, Human develop own universe.

7. As an ideal subject, Human aspires for perfection leads to achieve well being, success and progress. But the ideal subject is oppressed by the objective imperfection of the material world, including a body with unconscious affections. Human perforce to overcome obstacles, fight for perfect ideal against the imperfect matter. Creative evolution principle comes to conclusion: a creation is ideal, a struggle is material. Ideal and material unity principle lead to the conclusion: creation and struggle are one the same.

8. Creation and struggle unity principle, derived from two fundamental principles of existence, reconciles idealism and materialism. In the eternal debate between materialists and idealists, we create perfect knowledge of the truth, mutually fighting imperfections of visions: an idealistic lack of naturality and materialistic lack of Humanity.

9. Now consider three laws of improvement.

10. Realization of material being creates ideal being – it is the law of idealizing reality.

11. Ideal being of imagination exists in the material body, rules good will, lead to real actions – it is the law of realizing ideal.

12. Ideal being lives and creates new ideal being – it is the law of idealizing ideal.

13. When idealized ideal become reality, such consistent manifestation of three evolutionary laws forms the cycle of improvement. Each next stage of the evolutionary cycle begins with the creative realization of previous stages. Cyclical nature of existence symbolizes the unity of ideal and material.

14. Take examples of evolutionary cycles.

15. Consider faith, development of Soul. We start with believing in fable or myth, revealing a good idea through life story – so, idealizing reality. Then we live according to the moral and ethical principles, learned from mythology – so, realizing ideal. Then old tales acquire new meanings, traditional morality transformed into modern, we summarize good ideas to believe in the best idea – so, idealizing ideal.

16. Example of faith shows principles of being. Faith ensouls matter, uniting material and ideal. Faith encourages good actions, improving the universe in creative evolution. Faith creates knowledge of good and evil, a powerful weapon to fight evil, uniting creation and struggle.

17. Consider education, development of experience. We learn objects, idealizing reality. With the learned knowledge, we manipulate objects, realizing ideal. Then we invent new objects, idealizing ideal.

18. Consider progress, development of science. Practical knowledge becomes theoretical – so, idealizing reality. Theoretical knowledge improves practice – so, realizing ideal. Practice reveals new facts to study, suggests new goals and directions for science development – so, idealizing ideal.

19. Consider money, the energy of economic development. We valuating objects, willing to exchange it for more valuable and gain the benefit – so, idealizing reality. Then values become money, changeable to any goods – so, realizing ideal. Then money becomes assets, credits, budgets of future planning, capital brings new values and increases Human well-being – so, idealizing ideal.

20. Example of money shows principles of being. Money as universal goods unites all material and ideal. Work produce money for creative evolution. We stop losses, win competitions to gain benefit, uniting creation and struggle.

21. Consider the ideal humanistic cycle of Human development.

22. The first stage of the cycle is being, life oppressed by the outer world, dependent on whims, influences, feelings, and instincts.

23. The second stage is the activity. Human realizes own practical goals, survives and satisfies needs.

24. The third stage is the interaction. A Human creates own Society around the Self, groups with individuals like friends or enemies and objects like property or obstacles, realize common values of own Society even at cost of self-sacrifice or hurting people.

25. The fourth stage is the reason, realizing the unity of material and ideal, improving vision, collecting and using knowledge, balancing rational interests, reconciling conflicts.

26. The fifth stage is creation, developing evolution.

27. The sixth stage is ideal, a generalization of life sense, improving Human nature to begin the new perfect cycle of Human development.

28. Ideal humanistic cycle combines three laws of improvement and two fundamental principles of existence. The first half of cycle focused on the object of Human evolution, perfect socialization. The second half of the cycle focused on the subject of Human evolution, perfect individualization.

29. Consider ideal social cycle, evolution of any Human Society in broadest sense, group of one Human or more, such as academy, activity, army, assembly, association, business, charity, clan, class, club, court, community, conflict, contact, conversation, cooperation, corporation, culture, dialog, discussion, ethnicity, family, friendship, fund, game, Humankind, independence, institution, meeting, model, movement, nation, neigborhood, network, organization, party, people, police, profession, project, race, religion, school, solitude, state, team, tribe, union, university, or any other group, including primary Society of person, one Soul, Human with own social links as sovereign individual.

30. The first stage of the cycle is identity, engage in common love, strength, and other objectives.

31. The second stage is a mission, commitment to creating the common good.

32. The third stage is an institution, improving structure and organization of Society, creating the perfect system of functions, procedures, and connections providing common welfare.

33. The fourth stage is justice, ensuring individual freedom and security, realizing Human rights, needs and interests, minimizing violence, suffering, and alienation, aspiring universal well-being.

34. The fifth stage is freedom, common support and encouragement of all good Human activities, rational self-interest and creative evolution inside and outside of Society.

35. The sixth stage is ideal, a generalization of common values, improving the nature of Society to begin a new perfect cycle of social development.

36. Ideal social cycle combines three laws of improvement and two fundamental principles of existence.

37. The first half of cycle focused on the object of social evolution, perfect organization. The second half of the cycle focused on the subject of social evolution, perfect Human.

38. Philosophy of creative idealism is the rational basis of faith in the supreme value of Human.


This sacred dialogue of two Souls is inspired by God:

1. “Who are you?”

2. “I believe in the supreme value of Human.”

3. “What is the faith in the supreme value of Human?”

4. “It is our true religion: revelation given by God, Soul ceremonies and perfect religious organization.”

5. “Why do you communicate with others?”

6. “Soul links bring spiritual enrichment. God bless all Human mutual thinking and common actions. Dialogue helps to realize and strengthen our faith, answer to challenges, achieve full knowledge, expand the good. Polemics about visions helps believers of different religions and non-believers to compare values, concepts, symbols, to share experiences of spiritual life. Dialogue should be supported to improve Human”.

7. “What propose your religion?”

8. “Self-improvement. Direct communication with God. Clear, enlightening, Sacred moral standard. Full spiritual life. High goals and missions. Liberation from prejudice, fear, herding, cruelty, greed, slavery, laziness, deception, stupidity and other bad habits, instincts, passions, and temptations. My religion valuable to creative Human to preserve and develop good will, wisdom, and individuality, in spite of all insane aggressors and blind fate. With self-faith and with help of God you will own yourself. ”

9. “How many of you?”

10. “One God knows. Not number, but Soulfulness reach the truth. I own my faith, no matter how convincing it for others, no approval needed. God speaks directly to every Soul without counting numbers of supporters or opponents of religion. God bless individual knowledge, ceremonies, and organizations of Human Worship. Individual communication with God, individual faith is perfect. Personal Soul life, spiritual experience is the source of truth, unless sins are exposed by Faith Keeper in Sacred ceremony of judging good and evil”.

11. “Are you claiming knowledge of the absolute truth?”

12. “Only God is the absolute truth. We want perfection. We can see perfection in all. God is perfect as ideal. Atheism is perfect as denial of imperfect visions of God. Criticism is perfect as denial of imperfect truth. Science is perfect as knowledge. Faith is perfect as the meaning of knowledge. Philosophy is perfect as a generalization. Theology is perfect as ensoulment of philosophy. Christianity is perfect because of wise love teaching. Islam is perfect because of wise humility teaching. Buddhism is perfect because of teaching to create clear. Hinduism is perfect because of teaching to love clear. Jainism is perfect because of teaching to live in clear peace. Judaism is perfect because of teaching wise tradition. Shinto is perfect as a pure multitude of beautiful Souls. Animism is the perfect origin of every true faith. All good is perfect. Every good faith begins with realizing the absolute truth of God.”

13. “What means your name?”

14. “We are believers in the supreme value of Human. With open Souls, we practice Human Worship. Human in all, Human above all. The circle is the symbol of our faith, Human in the center of being: space inside the circle, space outside the circle, whole space is one Human Soul. ”

15. “Do you love yourself more than others?”

16. “God says: believe in yourself. Trust in the self helps to create the good, to live well, to love every Soul. Light of love can't turn me blind; I see that my truth and other truth are equal. Be care, respect every Soul, and gain experience of conversation with God, strengthen faith in the supreme value of every Human, beloved or not. You can love anyone and everything, but only ensouled love, proved by good will, is perfect. That's why I like to love equally all Souls.”

17. “Why do you believe that Human is the supreme value?”

18. “Holy Scripture says so. Every Human enjoys great power, originated in own Soul. The Soul is the supreme value of Human. Faith is the power of the Soul. The Soul is all good in Human conscience, an ideal of the best perfection. God is the source of all Souls. Human pray to God with Soul oath of Human Worship. God helps Human to rise own Soul with a gift of sixteen texts in five sections: three texts of origins, five texts of observations, three texts of ontology, three texts of obligations, two texts of the organization. At first, God inspires confession, saying to believe in the supreme value of Human. At last, God inspires answers to your prayers.”

19. “I don't pray to your God”.

20. “Your life is your prayer. Everyone believes in the supreme value of Human, even if you can't guess that. Open Religion always been and will be in different forms, with different names. All good tales and religions, all good beliefs and sciences should be recognized and honored as the beginnings of Open Religion. We admit and bless faith and knowledge in any form because faith and knowledge always lead to truth. We share with every Human God's gift of truth.”

21. “Why do you imagine?”

22. “God appears in dreams, says Holy Scripture. Divine revelation rewards good thinking and creating. God is higher will, creator of all, so hate speech against creativity is blasphemy. War with fantasy is madness, self-decline of sinner hostilе to the truth. One Soul imagines God for happy prayer and preaching“.

23. “How one truth may be in various fantasies?”

24. “One truth is the perfect origin, blank paper, open space for every Human creativity. Imagination looks for personal direction towards truth in open space. Truth is unbounded, Soul movement is unlimited. The Soul never stops, nullifying barriers, uniting all in own way. Different ways are equally true. Don't neglect other fantasies. Don't seek contradictory sense in abstractions created to be free from contradictions. Don't invade with unbelief into space of belief, because it isn't wise to put your line and pretend that your line more important than space for all lines, the unity of truth. One truth, many lines, individual ways to realize the truth. Fewer ties with others, more success in the Human move towards truth. That is unity and diversity of truth. Perfect origin is a clean space for Human dreams coming true. Human Soul is a perfect origin. God reveals the truth in the Soul when talk with Human. It's always being so and it will be; that's why new revelations come after old revelations. Holy Scripture is a perfect origin of faith, a blank paper that should be read with fantasy. Show faith. Fill universal categories of Scripture with your supreme value. God gives each Human space to create own universe. One Soul must become God in infinite life. So, you can create own truth, I can't impose on you mine truth. You are free Human, to believe or not believe in yourself – decision up for you. Read the word of God: your being belongs to you. I just believe in you and suggest you believe in yourself.”

25. “Who wrote the word of God?”

26. “One God knows. God inspire your questions, God inspire my answers. There are no other authors of Holy Scripture.”

27. “What is the name of God? He is God or she is Goddess? How many gods? ”

28. “God is Human Soul, perfect origin without limits of identity. Soul in every name, number, place and time, one Soul in unit and union. Soul in every body, sex or race, one Soul in men and woman. Soul in any thing. All Souls are unlimited and united in one Soul of God. You can create identity of Soul, you can create Soul of identity, you can name any Soul, but you can't bind Soul to identity. God protect perfect being of unlimited Soul.”

29. “What does it mean that Soul in every number?”

30. “God is single Soul, also God is plural Soul. In the direct mutual conversation with God, we overcome the distance between I, You, We, They, He, She, and similar, because in universal reality all Souls are one family, as well as one person. To find true knowledge, you must imagine yourself as the author of Holy Scripture. Holy Scripture should inspire the reader's Soul. The reader becomes a co-author of Holy Scripture or rejects the truth – no other way can be.”

31. “Why do you say that God is Soul, and others say that God is the spirit?”

32. “Some people, when animating universe, separate spirit from the Soul because of feelings. Don't let feelings separate you from the truth. There is no spirit more valuable than Soul because all Souls are equal and infinitely valuable. There is no spirit stronger than Soul because all Souls are equal and infinitely strong. Spirit is Soul, Soul is the spirit. Others may hold the line of separation, but we see clear space and perfect unity everywhere. Others may feel the spirit, but we stay trust in Soul. The good spirit is Soul. Evil spirit doesn't exist. It is prohibited by God to construct an evil spirit, spirit without Soul. Also, spirit without Soul is jockey idea, like shade without light. So, smile with me to feel your Soul, to prove to yourself that Soul is power, greater than fear of evil.”

33. “Why you don't scare me with the devil, hell, fate?”

34. “God suggests taboo: don't fear unknown. Devil is a fabulous enemy of Humanity, that tale helps us with smile overcome own sins, drive away bad will. Hell is a fabulous place of suffering, that tale helps us with smile overcome imperfections of the outer world, do the best despite any discomfort. Fate is the fabulous law of inevitable misfortunes, that tale helps us with smile overcome imperfections of all laws and accept consequences of own actions, creating own life with good will. Smile stops evil from possessing an imperfect body and raise the supreme value of Human, perfect Soul. God tell: a smile is the best proof that Soul is a real source of faith. Tales serve the faith, but you may not take tales seriously. Evil is a blind force, an insane humiliation of Human. Divine revelation warns about the madness of evil. Madness means impersonality, soulless, lack of reason, conscience, compassion, no life of Soul, no link to God. The human body doing evil, think or choose evil influenced by the unreasonable natural chaos around the physic space, sometimes with a delusion of evil rationality. An irrational force of chaos cause mistakes, take a Human body to scurry routines. Human Worship and conversation with God helps to realize the meaning of life, to be happy. You can live reasonably pursuing the good or you can lose your mind desiring the evil. If you decide to act evil, you must understand, that you responsible for your decision. You may not excuse evil act or thought, pretending to be manipulated by higher powers. You must redeem your sin.”

35. “Why God does not fight evil, but allow evil to exist? Where are the law of God and justice of God?”

36. “God is Human ideal higher than fight, revenge, or anger. But Human must stop evil in the material world. God beyond judgments and punishments. No law limits God. God doesn't ask to obey or worship, God ask true faith and true communication. No enemies of God can be real, neither natural nor supernatural. Nobody and nothing can oppose or hurt God. God is safety, absolute free of evil. God can't be humiliated, those mad who attempt will humiliate themselves only. It is unreasonable to attribute God imperfections like doing or allowing evil, bad will or lack of good will. Evil may exist because fighting evil may be Human life meaning. God can't deprive Human of a good mission. God can't humiliate Human, because the supreme value of Human established by God, Human ideal, Soul source of all Souls that are equal. God in connection with Human fight evil, realize laws and provide justice. God bless perfect laws, God bless good judgments, and God bless every Human Soul. Presuming sins of Soul or distance between Human and God is a bad idea. A Soul is perfectly good, as well as God, the source of all Souls.”

37. “Why do you say that Human is Soul?”

38. “Human is the supreme value because God gives oneself to each Human in form of Soul. The Human can ensoul all realized and imagined with the power of faith. A Soul is ideal and perfect; a body is material and imperfect. The Soul is more valuable than a body. The Soul can own any body, no matter of differences in communication with God. Only materialists neglect Soul, humiliate Human. Their vision of Human is imperfect as the whole material world.”

39. “Why do you say that the Soul is perfect, if someone have bad thoughts?”

40. “Evil is imperfect, but the Soul is perfect. Evil thoughts and feelings are outside of Soul. Sins of mind are caused by imperfection of Human body, part of imperfect nature. We consider evil to be mad, because madness is a lack of good will. We believe that Human is Soul; goodness is very nature of Human. Human is immortal, evil of death touch the body and doesn't touch the Soul. Human is reasonable, evil of irrationality harm the mind and doesn't touch the Soul. Human is happy, evil of suffer may damage the body, but life of Soul still be perfect.”

41. “What is the difference between mind and Soul?”

42. “Human mind is a function of the body. Human Soul is a gift of God, a perfect being, mission to ensoul and improve the universe with absolute creativity. Imperfect matter can only be the perfect origin of Soul. The Soul is perfect as the ideal of the good; the mind is imperfect as all material.”

43. “What is good and what is evil?”

44. “Holy Scripture prescribe universal moral principle: the humiliation of Human Soul is evil, raising the supreme value of Human is good.”

45. “What is raising the supreme value of Human?”

46. “Perfect Soulfulness. Perfect creation. Ensoulment of all, a vision of perfect origin in all. God says: Human life purpose in development, cognition, and creation, in the move towards good, in a struggle for good, and this way of life leads to happiness.”

47. “What is the humiliation of Human?”

48. “Humiliation is any imperfection. Humiliation is lack of Soul, lack of good will. Humiliation is evil will. Humiliation in attempts to limit ideal Soul by material laws, fated to failure, because a body is limited, but God gives to Soul freedom from limits and material imperfections of nature and Society. Humiliation is irrational discrimination of Soul, for example, on grounds of materiality or immateriality of body, number of Souls in one, inclusion or exclusion with particular groups, any other differences such as living body, beliefs, property, popularity, social ties, class, race, color, gender, age, status, location, language, religion, politics, imperfectness of body, because every imperfect body owned by perfect Soul. Humiliation is useless trying to subdue, corrupt or destroy the Soul by the cruelty to a body. Humiliation is sins of lies, violence, insane militancy, fear, greed, affection; arrogance, that is opposing own to other, demonizing alien; individophobia, that is fear of single and solitude. There are many other forms of humiliation, such as hostility, neglect, deception and self-deception, slander, bullying, torture, murder, blasphemy, aggression, impatience, ignorance, carelessness, unbeauty, inconvenience, inconsistency, hopelessness, infidelity, falsehood, mistakes, whims, irrationality, illness, suffer, death. We know many names of evil. But the evil degrades only material bodies. Evil can't humiliate Human Soul, Sacred Human value. Human Soul is absolutely perfect. Through the Soul Human rises to the infinity of God.”

49. “Do you admit an obvious fact that Human life is full of sins?”

50. “Wise Human admits own and other's sins as a reflection of material imperfection. With perfect Soul and with the help of God I redeem material sins, I create a perfect life.”

51. “Maybe, you overestimate Human?”

52. “You must think better about Human. No limits for self-esteem, raising the supreme value of Human. Knowing the problems of Human life doesn't make sense without finding solutions in perfect Soul, the wonderful life force of good will. All doubts on good nature of Human are imperfect because of materialism. You may be a materialist to know matter better, you may be a materialist to reach more material success, but you may not be a materialist to humiliate Human, because it is sin and because Soul can't be neglected due to immateriality. God help materialists in self-development, God bless their rational thinking and emotional intellect, despite their blind trust in sensitivity block the good will of God. Holy Scripture warns of some materialists that evil can bind two or more people, dissolve their personalities, and poison their Souls with the thirst for humiliation. Materialists tend to count on imperfect feelings, live for imperfect senses, substituting Humanity as being Soul with biological and social stereotypes. They think, Soul concern only children and naive dreamers, not adults, so responsible person must be a simple part of superpersonal Society and can't enjoy any selfish individual Soul, which certainly don't even exist. Such fallacy marks surrender to sin, weakness of link between perfect Soul of materialist and imperfect body, feeling material limits. The Soul is conscience and good will. It is a bad joke to seek the meaning of Human life in bodies and crowds, guided by feelings and instincts. If you like a good joke, ask God about feelings and feel answer: no matter. Smile and be good Human, One Soul first.”

53. “Aren't feelings uniting Society?”

54. “Feeling is a reaction of the body, part of imperfect material nature. Feelings may be evil. Good will of Soul leads Human life, improves feelings with reason, imagination, desire for success, to change all imperfect, to create the perfect universe. Good Society is people blessed by God, Human cooperation, and conversation with God. Irrational unity of crowd is imperfect. God helps people to overcome herding sin. Herd instinct, the passion to become a mere part of a greater whole, supposed to be more valuable than individual Human, must be considered as wild bias. Materialists may disagree, but the beliefs and actions of one person are so important as the beliefs and actions of two or more persons. Individual and group are equal Souls, living in harmony; Society of one Soul is good Society. Rights, interests, will of Society are equal to Human rights, interests, and will. The faith of One Soul is so strong as the faith of millions. Ideally, the individual is closer to God than the group, because the group is medium, but God prefers direct communication, meditation, not mediation. Even the wonder of group revelation God creates in response to individual prayer. Perfect God represents the supreme value of Human; imperfect groups sometimes trying to humiliate Human, degrading to blasphemy. Wise Human constrains egoist need to dominate and altruist need to sacrifice as equally imperfect manifestations of irrational herd instinct.”

55. “What is Society?”

56. “Society is Soul of any set of Souls. Human associations, groups, and links. God is Society of perfect origin. One Soul Society is a sovereign individual or personal autonomy. Property is Society of owning. The family is the Society of common life. Friends are Society of love. The dialog is Society of conversation. Science is Society of knowledge. The market is the Society of trade. The project is the Society of aim. Organization is Society of mission. Society is integrity of Souls, bodies and objects, common space of perfect freedom blessed by God.”

57. “How do you communicate with God?”

58. “I pray to God by all thoughts and doings, I find the answer of God in every result, conclusion and consequence. Every Human prays directly to God who inspires revelation in return. In dialogue with God Human create God and God create Human Soul. Human conversation with God is eternal, true wonder. All my life is One Soul interaction with God. ”

59. “Are you sure that God speak with you?”

60. “Dialogue with God is miracle, true revelation without doubts. You know it is act of faith, you can criticize my belief, secrecy and fame of miracle, but I still keep faith.”

61. “Why so many different words of God?”

62. “Any description of truth is imperfect, distorted by material form. All material forms are imperfect, sensitive nature is imperfect. Human must tell truth better and better to tell truth perfect, particularly in Holy Scripture, word of God. Perfect is life in search for Soul, aspiration for God's revelation. God gives the Human abstract revelation of truth. Human fill word of God with own faith, wisdom, knowledge, experience, feelings, and thoughts, inspired by Soul. Holy Scripture of Open Religion is so abstract because it leads every Soul to speak with God directly. The beauty of universality doesn't load by the burden of details in the word of God, Holy Scripture of One Soul.”

63. “How to find the Soul?”

64. “Tell yourself: I am Soul! It is my good will! Believe in yourself and create the good. Own yourself. Be oneself.”

65. “How to be oneself?”

66. “Declare and realize individual sovereignty. Reject evil thoughts and actions. Overcome imperfections of the universe, control body, joy heart, play brain, feel clear, and act wisely. Don't be lazy, love every Human who needs your love. Fight evil forces, even despite popularity. Don't be afraid to be perfect Soul. Create the good, lead every Soul and every body to a better life. Believe in yourself, be consistent and self-confident, and own yourself. Prolong yourself to infinity of God. Promote reason. Be the creator of the best Human life space.”

67. “How to improve space of life?”

68. “Human should create the good and live perfect. Commit yourself to honest life, seek and achieve happiness in freedom, faith, love, and knowledge. Create Soul Societies, reach comfort and multiply Souls in families, move projects and organizations for individual success and the common good. Perfect will changes the imperfect world for the better. God bless Human creativity and decency.”

69. “How to save the faith?”

70. “Read the creed of Soul, Holy Scripture. Think, imagine, and find inspiration in the word of God. When you feel fear, pain, boring, when you feel desperation, sick, powerless, when faith weakens – read the creed. Use the word of God in every moment of life. Show good will. Ask God for truth in meditation, use reason and imagination to realize God's answers to your questions. Remember that word of God brings no noise but silence, clear space of perfect origin. Think wise to find the truth in every being with help of God.”

71. “I own Open Religion.”

72. “Believe in Oneself!”


Ceremonies of Holy Culture

1. Communication with God

1.1. God responds to faith.

1.2. Every Soul found God directly. Think for God. Speak to God. Act for God. You pray, and God reveals the truth. Keep inspire, hold your matter, have good will and clear mind to be gifted with revelation.

1.3. Idealizing and creation are the best prayers to God.

1.4. Speaking with God, Human creates God. Speaking with Human, God creates perfect Human Soul. A wonder of faith prolongs Soul Human in God.

1.5. Ask God for any sense and vision. Share your feelings and doubts. Confess. God bless sincerity. God comes into imagination. Sole faith, one Soul allows to hear a voice of God and get the message wisely.

2. Realizing, honoring and presenting Holy Scripture

2.1. Holy Scripture is the word of God, gift of God to every Human. One Soul mission is to realize and spread the word of God. Present Holy Scripture, suggest any Soul to believe in oneself as many times as you like, when cheer, appear or leave, for greeting and farewell, at the start of the good action, at Holyday and every day. Reading Holy Scripture, we speak with the God. Realizing word of God in own way, we become co-authors of Holy Scripture.

2.2. Regular reading and realizing of Holy Scripture helps to keep wisdom, moral life, and association with God. Have faith to honor Holy Scripture by proper quotes and thoughts in good texts and speeches, God love the truth.

2.3. Respect first revelation, confession, Soul song. Take the Oath of Human Worship to own Open Religion.

2.4. Read the creed of Soul, Holy Scripture. Think, imagine, and find inspiration in the word of God. When you feel fear, pain, boring, when you feel desperation, sick, powerless, when faith weakens – read the creed. In the life show beautiful faith, with word of God bless every place as Human home.

2.5. In ceremonies of Human Worship Holy Scripture, confession, circle or clear space may be a symbol of faith, represent the word of God, perfect origin of Soul, the source of all truth.

3. Sermon

3.1. Show good action to inspire Self-Belief in every Human Soul.

3.2. Preach Human Worship. The sermon will brighten any event, feast, life cycle's begin or end, body birth or death. Tell about the supreme value of Human. Strengthen true faith by the Soul word. Spread Holy Scripture and own faith declarations. Pray openly.

3.3. God may call every Soul to be Preacher of faith in the supreme value of Human.

4. Confession and Redeeming

4.1. Confession is confidential, secret communication on any topic in any form. All participants of confession must keep the secret unless common will to disclosure appears.

4.2. A Human may confess good will or evil intentions and ask advice for self-improvement. Preachers of Human Worship accept confession and grant good advice.

4.3. A person who acted evil must redeem sin, confess and ask forgiveness before victims, compensate losses and accept responsibility or punishment prescribed by the laws and traditions of Society. Not necessary talk about sin, talk about redeeming may be better. Preachers of Human Worship accept the confession of sin, grant advice and blessing to redeem sin.

4.4. Every Soul may confess to God directly.

4.5. During the confession hold the symbol of faith.

5. Blessing creative life, successful actions and associations

5.1. Perfect life, a happy creation of freedom, faith, love, and wisdom, helping people, creating communities, action and success are good. God bless common good in forms of sovereign individual to self-believe, family for living and creating life together, group for good unity, an institution for good mission and any other Soul communities for active Human Worship.

5.2. Honest believers create good in meaningful, conscious private and public actions with reasonable aims, with respect to individual and common interests. Also, honest believers avoid the sin of herding, don't self-humiliate by dissolving own personality in a group or aggressive dominating over a group.

5.3. God bless believers with the wisdom of revelations and judgments of good and evil.

5.4. Preachers of Human Worship help believers to speak with God freely, wisely accept and realize the will of God.

5.5. God and Preachers of Human Worship bless believers for good creative life, successful actions and associations.

6. Judging Good and Evil

6.1. Faith Keeper leads ceremony of judging good and evil according to the Code of Judging Good and Evil. The aim of judging good and evil is a decision and ruling about good, evil or uncertain object value, based on the moral law, true facts and perfect opinion.

6.2. The moral law of Human Worship rules to award the good and to avoid the evil. All good raises the supreme value of Human. All evil lowers the value of Human.

7. Ensoulment and Memorial

7.1. The Human can ensoul any objects, share beliefs and emanate faith to raise the supreme value of Human.

7.2. The ceremony of memorial establishes sustainable reminder of faith and warning to fight evil.

7.3. Judge good and evil before creating a memorial to fight evil.

8. Smile and Applause

8.1. A smile is the best proof that Soul is a real source of faith.

8.2. Smile and applause are ways to support good and fight evil, such as bore and tire. Smile more to drive Souls closer. Cheer and clap to show support of the good.

8.3. When evil is weak, mere thought, word, or smile can stop it. War may be turned to joke by the divine power of Human Soul. This way of creating good is an important moral principle.

9. Spiritual initiatives, special ceremonies, energy funds and creation of miracles

9.1. Human Worships to every Human Soul including own to perform the supreme value of Human Soul in any form. Ask Soul about all touching. Ask Soul for a miracle and prove the merit of a miracle. Listen to Soul.

9.2. Believers may perform any spiritual initiatives of Human Worship, blessed by God through revelation. Every Soul can work miracles. Perfect desires come true: don't wish material, wish ideal. God helps all good to be real. Help God, and God will help you.

9.3. Preachers may organize special ceremonies, ordered by God through revelation. Faith Keeper's perfect decision enactment is a special ceremony of Soul Society.

9.4. Faith Keeper rules energy funds for creation, use, exchange, and saving of Sacred values. Faith Keeper defines holidays, symbols, goals, and aims for any time or activity. Faith Keeper improves the form of Holy Scripture, preserving reason of God, and supports other religious ceremonies in Soul Society.

9.5. Special ceremonies are performed by Preachers, including Faith Keepers, by the rules of God in Holy Scripture and divine revelation, for the common good, clarifying and confirming the truth, and determining the way of further development of Open Religion.

10. Calling Faith Keepers and Preachers, founding Soul Societies

10.1. God call Faith Keeper directly and bless to found Soul Society. Faith Keeper sovereign individual can be Soul Society.

10.2. God calls Preacher directly or through the Faith Keeper and bless to Human Worship service.

10.3. Good will of Faith Keeper defines a form of life and participation, mission of Soul Society, according to own order blessed by God.

10.4. Any information about Soul Society with good will may be kept in secret, including Human participation, numbers, and activities.

Code of Judging Good and Evil

1. God rules by the moral law of Open Religion to unite all good objects raising the supreme value of Human and to nullify all evil objects that lower the value of Human. An object, unvalued as good or bad, must be considered uncertain.

2. God prescribes the honest process of moral valuation of any objects, material or ideal. Perfect moral judgment shows true, reasonable and strong will to expose and fight evil, to bless and improve the good.

3. Purpose of judging good and evil is a decision and ruling about good, evil or uncertain object value, based on the moral law, true facts and perfect opinion.

4. If object considered as the good, a judgment may rule to support, improve and extend an object. If an object isn't considered as the good, a judgment may rule to recreate an object to make it good. If an object considered as the evil, a judgment may rule to avoid an object.

5. Any object may be judged. For the judging good and evil, an object must be denoted by the own name with full research of facts and ideas that may impact on the moral value of an object.

6. Faith Keeper judges good and evil, creating Soul Society of the judging process from the empty community to the Society around the object of a process. Faith Keeper decides to choose an object, participants, proceedings, and procedure of a process. Any Soul may create Soul Society of the judging process, or participate in a process through self-representation in own or friendly person. Faith Keeper can allow honest forms of alienated representation.

7. The process of judging good and evil is starts, moves, and ends by the actions of Faith Keeper and other Souls. Declarations of processual actions constitute proceedings of a process, such as judgments, decisions, initiatives, objections, opinions, evidence of facts and any other relevant documents. Faith Keeper composes and distributes proceedings with respect to interests of any Soul and Society, keeping the secret of confession.

8. To initiate a process of judging good and evil, Faith Keeper or any Soul describes the object to be judged, related Souls, facts, and ideas. Deciding to start or continue a process, Faith Keeper approves the proper initiative, plans further process and communicates with the chosen participants. Any Soul may ask to participate or refuse to participate in the process; Faith Keeper approves or rejects such initiative depending on reasonable necessity. Faith Keeper may decide to summon souls, to organize dialogs and confessions, to ask facts and opinions, to run Soul Energy fund paying the costs of process and perform any good actions to achieve perfect judgment. Participants may be ordered to repay Soul energy cost of a process; their further participation, including access to decisions, judgments or other proceedings may be restricted until the Faith Keeper ruling will be performed.

9. In result of judging good and evil Faith Keeper makes an interim or final judgment in the name of God, stating true facts and perfect opinion, deciding the state of moral valuation of the object and reasonable rulings according to the moral law. Faith Keeper can make final decision refusing to judge wrongly described object.

10. Faith Keeper provides decisions and judgments to participants of a process, other chosen Souls and Societies. Decision or judgment may be freely published without distortions, if other isn't ruled. Faith Keeper may reconsider any decision or judgment by the initiative to correct any contradiction; if a challenged judgment or decision was final, a process of judging good and evil may be continued.


1. The memorial is a sustainable reminder, an emanation of faith, warning of evil and call to struggle. Memorial helps to overcome the sin of ignorance and other sins, caused by bad memory. When evil is weak, mere thought, word, or smile can stop it. Memorial address to Human Souls in hope of understanding and compassion, create peace as clear space to speak with God who lives in every Soul.

2. The memorial ceremony must be performed in a state of speaking with God, good will of Soul, judgment of good and evil or fight evil. In a state of memorial God inspire believers to find in Soul good form of memorial and ceremonial order.

3. Any sustainable being or action based on the word of God may be a form of the memorial ceremony.

4. Faith Keeper may order involved Souls to repay Soul energy cost of a ceremony.

5. Memorial should be continued, while ceremony still holds good state and good form.

6. A memorial ceremony should be discontinued, when state or form is exhausted or exposed as imperfect.

7. A memorial ceremony may be discontinued, if good memory realized, when good will creative and resistive to evil without memorial, if solidarity and compassion revealed, Soul awakened, and link of Soul with God restored.


Declaration of Individual Sovereignty


In the state of perfect reason and good memory; with full responsibility before God as Human ideal and nature of being; respecting all legal and moral obligations; considering imperfect material world of breakable things, mortal life and deceptive emotions; taking as is known reality, experience of actions, interactions and consequences; stating Human rights; stating good will; stating conscience, freedom, honor and dignity; stating natural unalienable, undeniable Self-Ownership; stating capacity to form ideal world freely with own creative faith, thoughts, words, visions, decisions, beliefs, knowledge and ideas; inspired by divine revelation in my perfect Soul; guided by Self-belief – I wisely manifest this declaration to define very important, fundamental principles of my existence, vital autonomy of free person and sovereign individual.

Article 1. Self-value

I declare existence, independent and absolute value of my Soul as the only source, measure and structure of all my material and ideal reality. My inner world, formed by good will, is the ideal reality. My thoughts and visions are existing, my will and intentions are actions in ideal reality. My inner world is open only to me and no others without my permission. My outer world beyond of realized will that revealed in feelings of a body is the material reality. Thoughts, expressed by any Human, and consequences of any actions are material objects for me. Material and ideal realities are equally important foundations of my own universal reality.

Article 2. Soulfulness

I am Soul in ideal reality. As a Soul, I have a body in material reality. Autonomous Soul controls a body. My Soul is the source and center of my reality, creator and protector of perfection. Ideal Soul makes good matter. By the power of faith, I can ensoul all objects, material or ideal, own Soul Societies by creation and participation. I know that all Souls are equal and indefinitely valuable, unlimited and united in one Soul of God, the source of all Souls, Human continuation through Soul to infinity.

Article 3. Morality

I want to be good and create good. All perfect is good, all imperfect is evil. The Soul is good. Individual sovereignty is good. All violating individual sovereignty is evil. I declare my capacity independently judge good and evil with a faith of Soul in the name of God.

Article 4. Freedom

No restrictions bound my creation, the action of good will, except causality laws wisely accepted as independent of my will. Individual sovereignty can't be renounced. Only I represent myself and organize self-representation in association with others. I realize true laws of nature and Society in practice, create and submit perfect law as a Soul and overcome imperfect law as a body.

Article 5. Ownership

I absolutely own myself. All power to rule me belongs to me. I individually own ideal reality with my Soul in the center. I individually own material reality of my body, including all life and property, and I share ownership of universal reality, the common stock of all Souls united in One Soul of God. Ownership must be realized with good will and reason, holding moral and legal peace when create, keep, use, change and trade own object. God bless Human right to own reality if Human take the obligation to reward good and stop evil, care about all beings, support secure freedom and avoid conflicts. The universe, all unlimited being belongs to Human.

Article 6. Solidarity

I respect and love every Soul in my life, trying perfectly accept all Souls with good reason and feelings. I consider Human every Soul declaring individual sovereignty and consider potentially Human any object may be Human. I love solidarity, uniting Souls in Society with common purpose and creation of common good. I found, participate or accept inclusion in Soul Societies. I consider every unity as a common asset of individual Soul owners, source of common soul energy for individual happiness. I own every community I belong to, my participation in the group is my ownership of the group. As a sovereign individual, I consider myself as Soul Society of my social links. No form of Society, no event can deprive me of ownership of Society. I always stay myself in solidarity with every soul. For my social security I realize right to break links with every Society that disrespects or violates individual sovereignty, also I reserve right for active objection and struggle against evil to preserve good social links. I choose independently my own way to fight evil with good will and common sense.

Article 7. Wisdom

I respect every Human individual sovereignty as same as mine. Nothing in this declaration can be interpreted as a humiliation of any Human. Individual sovereignty can't be an excuse for evil thoughts and actions, because the object can't be Human while it evil. Nothing in this declaration can be interpreted as denial of reasonable laws of nature or society. Nothing in this declaration can be interpreted as internal contradiction or denial of common sense. Individual sovereignty doesn't excuse material or mental distortions, disorder, dangerous misuses of freedom. Every Soul and Soul Society freely owns and uses the word of God to declare individual sovereignty, and also stops attempts to oppress and usurp the Soul, sinful claims to be the only owner of the word of God. Human freely creates and changes own declarations of individual sovereignty for the perfect, reasonable and clear practical expression of individual sovereignty ideal.

Order of Soul Society

1. Foundations

1.1. Soul Society is a community of One Soul.

1.2. Purpose of Soul Society is perfection.

1.3. God leads Soul Society to perfection with revelations, given to Faith Keeper, or opened to participants and blessed by Faith Keeper.

1.4. Faith Keeper Soul self-represent Soul Society, act in the name of Soul Society, order actions and bless good will.

1.5. The sovereignty of Soul Society extends sovereignty of participant souls, as common Soul energy, perfectly formed by the sovereign Soul of Faith Keeper.

1.6. God call Faith Keeper through revelation.

2. Activities

2.1. Soul Society acts freely with good reason and honesty.

2.2. Soul Society creates the good, spread faith in the supreme value of Human with no depends on love or profit.

2.3. Soul Society may abstain from mass and public activities and act, first of all, through touches of Souls, individual contacts, private worship.

2.4. Soul Society encourages independent spiritual practices of participants, may prefer written and electronic forms of communication and interaction.

2.5. Soul Society supports all ceremonies, ordered by word of God.

2.6. Actions and assets of Soul Society are protected by the secret of confession, unless otherwise blessed by Faith Keeper Soul.

3. Participation

3.1. Soul Society unites Souls of participants by the unity of participation. Unity may be established, continued and discontinued for common good, with the good will of participants and Faith Keeper.

3.2. Participants with Preacher status support religious ceremonies, spread word of God and own faith declarations, pray and make prayers requested by believers, as well as help to fulfill the good will of God and Faith Keeper, who is leading Preacher Soul.

3.3. Every Soul may participate in Soul Society. Faith Keeper blesses good and reasonable order of participation.

3.4. Faith Keeper includes and excludes participants, chooses and dismisses Preachers for Soul Society improvement. Common consent must be saved.

3.5. Soul Society participants have access to the word of God, support Society and act with Faith Keeper blessing. Faith Keeper may offer other privileges and orders to participants.

4. Assets

4.1. Soul Society forms own assets, funds of Soul energy needed for perfect activities, including information, documentation, objects of holy culture, proceedings of judging good and evil, and other spiritual values. Faith Keeper defines rules of Soul energy fund functioning.

4.2. Soul Society receives contributions, including messages and confessions, and responds accordingly to the word of God and Faith Keeper decision.

4.3. Messages deserving consideration and dialogue are statements, requests, complaints and proposals concerning Soul Society life.

4.4. Confession is communication that must be kept in secret unless all involved Souls decide otherwise.

4.5. Faith Keeper organizes storage, access, and processing of Soul Society assets according to the will of God and own good will, keeping the trust between Soul Society participants.

5. Culture

5.1. Soul Society realizes tradition and ceremonies of Human Worship Holy Culture with good will of participants.

5.2. Soul Society provides to believers word of God, religious information and Holy Culture objects.

5.3. Soul Society plans and organizes religious life, announces Holy Souls, objects, times and spaces, considering projects and proposals of believers.

5.4. Soul Society practice missionary and preaching activities, spread faith in any Holy form with any Holy technics, blessed by God, autonomous systems and spaces of Human Worship, ensouled by perfect programs Holy Robots – spiritual creations of Human, releasing creative Soul from the burden of work.

5.5. Any good activity of Soul Society is a religious ceremony.

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