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Believe, you are all time and space.

Your way of life is all ways.

Take and embrace the sky.

Plan your eternity kindly.

Welcome all Human, be nice,

Hear with respect to advise:

God lives in each Human prayer,

Face Soul and never escape.

Each person is your face.

You are all Souls of the Universe.

May tell the truth every voice.

Bring joy to Soul and rejoice.

Your good will – common intention,

You are all people and all nations.

You happy be your own.

You are pure love in the flow.

You are the tree of beliefs,

Mellow, cheerful, as leaves.

Every place is your home,

Strengthen grassroots and grow.

Attract the stars in clear space,

Take ocean, wind up the sails.

Bring honest word to state

In any speech and text.

Generous prophecy grant,

Earn dreamed up reality.

Be motor of inspire,

Move all the life entire.

Smilingly break all walls,

Win all your games, changing goals.

Thoughts transform to creation,

Only avoid desperation.

You are the many united,

Fill deeps by Self-expand.

World part of you, every thing.

You are whole fullness of being.

Kindly accept all kinds,

Show all love, all you like.

Meaning for all invent.

Never and nothing negate,

Except of your evil negator,

Arrogant sky devastator,

Hating that you share bravely

Spirit and light of Self.

And so I will be You,

As the God, one Soul, one Human.

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