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Joy Year 2019

Soul Society of Universe proclaims 2019 Joy Year.

Prayer for Joy Year

I own Open Religion. One Soul gives joy. Ideal desires became true. Life is spread, all good come together. I see infinity onwards. Human is the creator of own inspiration, life by own reason, happiness in good will. The energy of knowledge is renewing. Honesty drives movement. Peace empower accordance. Soul Society becomes the space of pleasure. A blank page is full of possibilities. Faith makes miracles, achieves perfection. I accept surprising revelations. I enjoy conversation with God. I bow to every Human. I believe in Oneself.

Joy Year Goals

Affirming supreme value of human to realize God's will, in 2019 Joy Year Soul Society of Universe recommends believers to guide life with the next goals: to fulfill desires, to spread love, and to create inspiration.

1. Fulfilling desires

Enjoy self-belief. Wish the best. Aspire happiness. Find the truth in the heart. Reveal the desired miracle.

2. Spreading love

Enjoy self-confidence. Passionately self-develop. Admit engagement. Give the given. Rejoice in generosity. Extend possibilities. Allow the impossible. Reconcile powers. Approach the truth. Make the God own alter ego. Unite all souls.

3. Creating inspiration

Enjoy self-ownership. Move the world by the Soul force. Keep infinity unfinished. Liberate the past, the present and the future. Clear the way from barriers. In solidarity with every human embrace the truth. Find inexhaustibility. Induce sincere delight. Be better, attain the best life.

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