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Knowledge Year 2018

Soul Society of Universe proclaim 2018 Knowledge Year.

Prayer for Knowledge Year

I own Open Religion. Faith is perfect as the meaning of knowledge. I know how to show the truth: it is circle with the truth inside and truth outside. Circle is me. I know Self. I am universe. Human life purpose in development, cognition and creation, in the move towards good, in struggle for good, and this way of life leads to happiness. I am good. Faith creates knowledge of good and evil. The soul is supreme value of human, empowered by faith. I know Soul. Thoughts and ideas, plans and intentions, dreams and knowledge, love and passion, conscience, patience and humbleness, imagination, hope, understanding and compassion, all the best in my mind is soul. Free soul, human love, knowledge and wisdom of a believer in the supreme value of human prevail in front of evil, which is limited by its senseless aggression, selfishness, impatience, ignorance, inattention, inconsistency, arrogance, futility, filth, and unbelief. Will, faith, love and lore are bringing souls together. God hears prayers and lives in every soul. I know God. Your life is your prayer. God speak to every Human with own language of life, beliefs, experience, feelings, thoughts, knowledge and destiny. I pray to God by all thoughts and actions, I find the answer of God in every conclusion and consequence, I attain perfection by good will and by the power of faith. Every soul believes in supreme value of human, even if you can't guess that. All good tales and religions, all good beliefs and sciences should be recognized and honored as the beginnings of open religion. We admit and bless faith and knowledge in any form, because faith and knowledge always lead to truth. We share with every human God's gift of truth. Science is perfect as knowledge. Open religion is my view and my nature, all mine together; my soul as supreme value of human, source of all values; my science of idealizing real, realizing ideal and idealizing ideal; my knowledge turning desires to reality; my soul strength in the open mind, conscience and solidarity. I believe in Self.

Knowledge Year Goals

Affirming supreme value of human to realize God's will, in 2018 Knowledge Year Soul Society of Universe recommends believers to guide life with the next goals: know Self, know Soul, and know God.

1. Know Self

Trust Self. Avoid sin. Concentrate on virtues. Learn unknown. Achieve impossible. Claim own reality. Act as planned. Understand meaning of life.

2. Know Soul

Touch the truth. Try ideal. Love secret. Embody nobody. Extract essence. Use known. Personalize common. Research all.

3. Know God

Be creator. Become law of nature. Overcome doubts. Go great. Take infinity. Embrace every element. Sustain happiness. Find Self in every Human.

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