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 Plan your eternity kindly. Plan your eternity kindly.
-Welcome all human, be nice,+Welcome all Human, be nice,
 Hear with respect to advise: Hear with respect to advise:
-God in the each human pray,+God lives in each Human pray,
-Face soul and never escape.+Face Soul and never escape.
 Each person is your face. Each person is your face.
-You are all souls of the Universe.+You are all Souls of the Universe.
 May tell the truth every voice. May tell the truth every voice.
-Bring joy to soul and rejoice.+Bring joy to Soul and rejoice.
-Your good will common intention,+Your good will – common intention,
 You are all people and all nations. You are all people and all nations.
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 You are the tree of beliefs, You are the tree of beliefs,
-Mellow, cheerful, as leafs.+Mellow, cheerful, as leaves.
-Every place is your home.+Every place is your home,
-Strengthen ​grass roots and grow.+Strengthen ​grassroots ​and grow.
-Attract the stars at clear space,+Attract the stars in clear space,
 Take ocean, wind up the sails. Take ocean, wind up the sails.
-Among the speeches and pages+Bring honest word to state
-Honest word you state.+In any speech and text.
 Generous prophecy grant, Generous prophecy grant,
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 Only avoid desperation. Only avoid desperation.
-You are the many united.+You are the many united,
-Deeps fill by self, more expand.+Fill deeps by Self-expand.
 World part of you, every thing. World part of you, every thing.
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 Kindly accept all kinds, Kindly accept all kinds,
-Show all love all you like.+Show all loveall you like.
 Meaning for all invent. Meaning for all invent.
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 Arrogant sky devastator, Arrogant sky devastator,
-Hating that you share brave+Hating that you share bravely
 Spirit and light of Self. Spirit and light of Self.
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 And so I will be You, And so I will be You,
-As the God, one Soul and Human.+As the God, one Soul, one Human.
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